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September 8th, 2009

My screen has lost red

I mean, it has. Everything is blue and green and yellow. No red whatsoever. It's... weird.

It probably means it's dying, and part of me is quite happy about that because it gives me a perfect excuse to spend some of my savings on something way cooler than my house. Another part of me sort of panicks, because I really need that money for the house.

But I need my pc more than I need the renovation, don't I? And it'll only mean I can start fixing the house a bit later. Just a bit.

Die, you big old ugly screen, die, and let me replace you with a bigger, better one. With gorgeous, shining red.

September 2nd, 2009

beware of researchers

Just stumbled over this:


And it is weird. I mean, really. There was some sort of survey, but the better part of fandom already put and end to that. Yay LJ slash fans.

August 22nd, 2009

Drabble: Neglected

Title: Neglected
Word count: 100
Rating: Hmm
Warnings: vaguely spoilerish for CoE?
Summary: I may be obsessed, but for this one, I blame a certain friend who posted a certain poem about, well...


He used to think Jack truly loved him. Jack had always seemed so happy with him, proud of him, taking him out as often as possible, sometimes even several times a day. Often they met with an old friend, who would greet him enthusiastically. Sometimes he found himself in new exciting places, with new exciting things to do.

Sometimes it was just him and Jack doing stuff. But it was always good, and it really felt as if Jack loved him.

Nowadays Jack only took him out for a quick pee. It was no fun anymore, being Jack's Harkness's penis.

August 19th, 2009

I've never meant this LJ for anything else than a bit of fandomstuff, but all of a sudden I'm in the middle of a not-nice discussion about Israel and Palestina. Must admit I'm rather black and white about that whole issue, I think the entire country belongs to the Palestinians, and I think all Jews should be heading back to where they came from, unless they are willing to live under a Palestinian government. It is not their country.

I'm not a neonazi or anything, both my parents had to live trough that war being just children and I've heard all their stories. But IMHO, what Israel is doing to the Palestinians is maybe even worse than what the Germans did to the Jews.

Anyway, link: http://eumelia.livejournal.com/424042.html

August 2nd, 2009

Drabble: New beginning

Title: New beginning
Word count: 100
Rating: none
Warnings: vaguely spoilerish for CoE / spoilers for S5 of DW
Summary: New start, new team

New beginning

"Thanks." The Doctor grabbed Jack's shoulder, giving it a friendly squeeze.

"Anytime, and thank you." Jack realised he really meant that. This new Doctor wasn't quite 'his' Doctor yet, but there had been genuine friendship, right from the start.

Next he had his arms full of River. "See you later, gorgeous, now give me a proper goodbye."

The Doctor grinned and nodded an approval. Jack kissed her thoroughly.

"Goodbye then," the Doctor said when they broke the kiss. "I think I've got everything right this time. Earth, 2010, the always Great Brittain, and a sunny day in... Glasgow."

Jack smiled.

July 31st, 2009

The Immortal Penis

Okay, I am a sick, sick person. I know.

I've screencapped some of the full frontal stuff, and when Jack moves a bit, the X only covers his balls, giving a slightly better view of The Immortal Penis.

(Tried to put it under an lj-cut, but for some probably technical reason, the immortal one refuses to be cut. Sorry flist.)

T.I.P.Collapse )

July 30th, 2009

Stop hurting my hero

I'm sorry to interrupt all the cheering over your story, but I've been sitting on my hands for some time and it's not comfortable.

I really don't understand why you feel Jack has to be punished. Jack may feel very, very guilty, but he has done nothing he deserves punishment for. He saved the world and sacrificed a hell of a lot to do so. He's been punished more than enough.

Also, your Jack is so COMPLETELY out of character, that I just can't believe we have watched the same series. Jack is not a masochist. Jack is not a depressed teenager and Jack wouldn't ever, EVER cut himself. Self-mutilating is horrid and awful and I've been a very close witness to several cases. But Jack is a 1000+ immortal superhero, not a 14-year old girl. Hello? He's been through worse than losing a lover and even killing a grandchild. Really.

Jack bounces back and goes on. That's what he does.

So grow up, and stop projecting your own petty drama queen trauma's and stop abusing my hero.

Phew. I almost posted all that as a reply to that HORRID SICK STORY BY AN 11-YEAR OLD WANNABE SERIAL KILLER, (yes, that is you) then decided I'd better not. :-) I'm already tied up in all sorts of non-discussions with Iantosiastics who think CoE would have been way better if there had been no scary aliens at all.

Still wanted to press some, *any* send-button though. Sorry flist.

July 24th, 2009

Two drabbles

Long time no fic, but Jack kept bugging me after CoE and made me write two drabbles. Un-betaed, so feel free to Britpick / point out typos, whatever.

Title: Promise
Word count: 100
Rating: none
Warnings: vaguely spoilerish for CoE

PromiseCollapse )

Title: Sex
Word count: 100
Rating: R?
Warning: vaguely spoilerish for CoE

SexCollapse )

Children of Earth

* stoft LJ af*

Na S3 van Torchwood vond ik dat ik toch wel iets zinnigs moest zeggen, want TW S3 is nu al een klassieker. Kijkcijfers en waardering zijn giga hoog, het internet is na e4 bijna ontploft, en nou ja, hoe dan ook was het een heel bijzondere ervaring.

Tot en met aflevering 3 heb ik niets gedaan dan jubelen. Briljant, briljante plot, briljante humor, briljante acties. Na aflevering 4 wilde ik RTD aan de galg, want Ianto, heerlijke lieve mooie slimme Ianto mocht niet dood zijn.

Na aflevering 5 wilde ik nog steeds RTD aan de galg of toch tenminste even heel gemeen pijn doen, maar moest ik toegeven dat CoE ontzettend goeie tv was. Een klassieker in het genre.

Ik kan uitwijden over wat het zo goed maakte, maar ik richt me liever op de vraag die honderden mensen nu nog steeds luidkeels stellen: Waarom moest Ianto dood?

Ik denk dat ik er inmiddels voor mezelf uit ben. Ianto moest dood omdat hij Jack tegenhield.

Met Ianto aan zijn zijde kon Jack de wereld aan, leek het net alsof hij een 'normaal' leven kon leiden, zij het voor een miniem deel van zijn leven. Met Ianto aan zijn zijde had Jack wellicht ook niet zijn bloedeigen kleinzoon vermoord. Hij had dan nog iets van een keus gehad (vluchten, met Ianto, Alice en Steven) met iets van een glimpsje hoop op geluk aan de horizon. Ja, dan had hij de Aarde in de steek gelaten, met alle vreselijke gevolgen vandien, maar alles wat hij lief had was veilig, en dat is een ego-booster die wel tegen een paar miljoen zo-goed-als-dode-kinders bestend is.

Zonder Ianto kon Jack de 'juiste' beslissing nemen, omdat hij zijn eigenwaarde al lang kwijt was, die was gestorven samen met Ianto in de Thames Tower. Steven vermoorden was nog meer emotionele zelfmoord, de oorspronkelijke protesten waren ook veel minder geloofwaardig dan de uiteindelijke goedkeurende knik, en bij het drukken op de knop, met zijn dochter hysterisch krijsend aan de andere kant van het raam, was er weinig aarzeling.

Jack wilde dood, zoals hij al zo vaak dood wilde. Fysiek lukt dat niet, maar geestelijk is het hem wel gelukt.

Ik denk dat het lang zal duren voor Jack zich weer aan iets of iemand kan binden. Misschien dat de Doctor hem kan helpen, maar ik ben er niet zeker van. Jack's blinde vertrouwen in de Doctor zoals hij had in S1 is allang geleden beschaamd.

Zoals altijd bij extreme gebeurtenissen is het fandom verdeeld, en hoewel de fall-out hier en daar tamelijk akelig is, kan ik de 'Save Ianto!'-fans best wel begrijpen, met uitzondering van diegenen die doodsbedreigingen uiten en hele scheldkannonades afvuren op TPTB.

Maar wat me tegen de borst stuit is de groep die roept: "Dit is niet mijn Jack."

Ja, dit is wel onze Jack, gebroken en dood van binnen. Ik zou willen dat ik alles kon zien waardoor hij uiteindelijk de wijze relaxte FoB wordt, zou die hele eeuwenlange reis wel mee willen maken, maar daarvoor leef ik te kort.

Maar ik kijk wel uit naar de fragmenten van zijn leven die we nog te zien krijgen. Mijn Jack
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